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The cardiovascular specialists within the Adventist Medical Group are caring and well-established in the region with a 35+ year history. The physicians and staff are committed to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders and diseases of the heart. They use the latest technologies and therapies to treat the full range of cardiovascular disease and other disorders. Adventist Medical Group cardiovascular specialists work closely with patients and primary care physicians to coordinate and individualize the best care possible to meet specific needs.

Cardiology is the medical specialty dealing with disorders and diseases of the heart. Physicians who specialize in cardiology are called cardiologists and are concerned with the normal functioning of the heart and the changes from a healthy heart.

The primary function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body. Any problems or defects of the heart or blood vessels that inhibit the normal functioning of the heart may affect multiple systems in the body like blood circulation, the nervous system and brain function.

Adventist Medical Group physicians offer a full range of treatment from lifestyle modification, drug therapy, and various medical procedures to find the best, most livable solution for patients.

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