Medical Records

To request a copy of your outpatient records, please download and complete the Authorized Release of Medical Records form, and submit it to the Medical Records Office via mail or fax using the contact information provided below.

  1. Patients/Physicians Mail Request to:
    2150 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Suite G-206 
    Washington, DC 20037 
    Phone: 202.741.2404 
    Fax: 202.741.2405 

  2. Insurance/Law Firm or Agent/Other Mail Request to:
    2021 K Street NW, 
    Suite 408 
    Washington DC, 20006 
    Phone: 202.741.2404 
    Fax: 202.741.2431 

Your records can be mailed or picked-up in person. Records will not be faxed.

Records requests are generally processed within 7-10 business days.


Authorization to Release Protected Health Information

Authorization for Disclosure or Access of Protected Health Information